Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I'm not telling the story of the first time I kissed a girl and had an anxiety attack and ran home to confess my sins to my mother
    Although I basically did the same thing the first time I kissed a guy too
  2. The first time I kissed a guy I was 17 and in the back of an SUV watching Kung Fu Panda on his backseat DVD player
  3. It was the 2nd movie we watched after going to the actual movies and getting drunk as fuck on box wine in Snapple bottles
    I went to the parking lot like 4 times to refill those bitches lmao
  4. Then we went to Applebee's and got some appetizers
  5. And somehow we ended up on the other side of town in the parking lot of a baseball field by the middle school we both attended
  6. The thing I remember the most was that his stubble was kind of painful but that it turned me on more than any of the soft kisses I'd had with girls
  7. And we ended up hooking up and doing quite a bit more than kissing to be honest 🤓
  8. And then I went home and called my best friend and came out of the closet
  9. I came out to my mom and dad the next day
  10. I just needed confirmation that I liked it I guess. I knew I would. But I didn't even like the guy! He was like a close friend and it got so awkward after probably because he felt pressured by me to come out and I didn't want anything to do with him anymore and just wanted to move to college
  11. It was not and fairy tale first kiss but it really opened the doors for me metaphorically speaking