Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. When you aren't happy, other people aren't happy
    Translates roughly to take care of yourself first because when you don't you're a crank and when you do you remember how fun loving yourself can be
  2. This is not a drill: drink all the fucking water
  3. Allow yourself to destress in a way that is fun and NOT STRESSFUL
    For me making plans isn't a way to help me relax, sorry. I like sporadic walk in appointments on my days off rather than scheduling something weeks in advance to only dread and or cancel. Everything will happen in its own time 👌🏻
  4. Always have hidden cash in your place
    It's a nice thing to find if you forgot you had it and also it's just good to have an envelope locked away for if you're ever short
  5. It's okay to throw away dirty dishes and Tupperware
    If it's an old pot or pan that's all rusty and crusty and needs to be replaced anyway or a cheap piece of Tupperware that you don't care about then I'd say throw it away. No judgement.