Let's do a 24 hour cycle #tenmoreyears
  1. It started around midnight when I combed through my curls with a wide tooth pick
  2. I applied grape seed oil and then coconut oil
    Because I read online one moisturizes while the other locks moisture in (am I right? Did I do the right oils? I know both are good for your hair but did I do the moisture/seal technique right??
  3. Put it in a top bun and wrapped it with a bandana
    I've been reading to use silk or satin hair wraps/bonnets/pillowcases but it's a work in progress as all this info is new to me. Sleeping on cotton is damaging to your hair growth apparently? To be honest I just think sleeping on satin or silk sheets sounds super nice and I'm game for this
  4. I showered in the morning and used some Shea moisture conditioner. I don't use shampoo
    I haven't for a little over a year minus the occasional wash when I'm showering at someone else's place. I did buy a shampoo and use it twice around thanksgiving but I left it at my mom's house so I'll probably never see it again lol
  5. My two absolutely favorite products
    Both from Shea Moisture. The one with castor oil is good for growth/repairing breakage and the curl enhancing smoothly is honestly my life blood. I don't even like to leave the house without using it because my hair gets HUGE. I dip about three fingers in each container and then smooth it through from my roots to my ends. "With this purchase you help empower disadvantaged women to realize a brighter, healthier future." That's a mission statement I want to put my $$$ towards
  6. Scrunch scrunch scrunch
    This reminds me of the girls after gym class when we had to swim and finding out that not everyone had naturally stick straight hair
  7. Let this shit dry for like 3 hours. Try not to touch it at all
    Shit is gonna get crinkly
  8. About 4 hours later, before heading to work I scrunched my dry hair with my hands to break the crinkly product feel up.
    Something I really like about this product is that once it dries it doesn't feel like you have any product in because it's just leave in conditioner. My hair is super dry all the time (from highlighting it and that's just its natural texture) and other products I've used (like pomade or forming cream from crew) have had a build up or like greasy texture that needed to be shampooed everyday.
  9. Post work mop
    Today at work a group of girls I was serving started asking me questions that I get on average I'd say 2-5 times a day. 'Is that natural? It's not a perm?' I answered that indeed this how my hair grows from my head with a little bit of styling. I generally feel that when I am asked this question I am in some way being asked to prove my authenticity. Specifically one of the girls really enforced that feeling like she gave me a look like I was lying to her after I told her my hair is not a perm.