Varies from day to day but generally includes
  1. Undressing
    Get out of those smelly work clothes instantly upon arriving home
  2. Potential intoxication
    bong or a drink I usually indulge lightly ;) (ex I smoked a onie and am now enjoying a dirty Hendricks martini w olives)!
  3. Social media
    Keeping up on tumblr, Twitter, Insta, snapchat, Facebook and snap chat is my classic wind down. And of course now the list app :)
  4. Human interaction
    Even though I just got done interacting with people all day I usually need some type of connection that is more familiar. Whether that be calling my little brother, meeting up with my main bitch, or talking to the bartender at one of the bars by my place.
  5. Count my money
    I always organize my bills and I try to put my cash in my safe and usually it leads to mobile banking/ paying bills
  6. Eat
    It might not happen until 3 or 4 am-- but I gotta get that last supper in every day.