My studio is 370sq ft which doesn't mean much except that it's real small
  1. Microwave
    I've been living micro free for almost 5 months now and it's a hassle and I realized even though I don't have any counter space that I can just use the top of the fridge. By I realized it I mean my friend Becky suggested it to me.
  2. Blender
    How am I supposed to make these smoothies??
  3. Quesadilla maker
    Petty but low maintenance. Versatile. My spirit in an appliance to be honest.
  4. Toaster
    Never realized I missed tan bread so much
  5. A laptop/keyboard
    All this phone typing is great but I want to open a word doc and go! It would be cool to be able to type 100+/minute. Right now I'm at about 80 on a good day.
  6. Speakers
    I have been putting my iPhone in a bowl for too long