Like my mom almost always had to cut me off eventually because I was just too obsessed with these things
  1. Animorphs
    I read/owned like 40+ of these books and cried if I couldn't watch the show live each week. I would spend hours on end laying in bed day dreaming about becoming an animorph 😎
  2. Pokemon
    I had 3 binders full of Pokemon cards and one day my mom took them and just through them in the dumpster she was like this is ridiculous we are done now.
  3. Gymnastics
    I went to the gym up to 5 times a week during competition season and I traveled on the weekends to compete
  4. Yugioh??
    This was a very short obsession that ended in the dumpster as well. Mom had no chill.
  5. Harry Potter
    Supported by all in my family tbh
  6. Dragon ball Z made me realize I'm gay
    I wish I was joking but I literally wanted GoKu to be my daddy and I didn't even know what that meant then plz don't kink shame me I was young