I just started getting into podcasts. I thought for a long time I didn't like them but I think I was just listening to the wrong kinds. I prefer nonfiction. Here are a couple I've been enjoying lately, let me know which podcasts you listen to.
  1. Beautiful stories from anonymous strangers
  2. Women of the hour
    Love listening to @lenadunham her voice is so cute
  3. Another Round
    I haven't tried any other buzzfeed ones yet but this is so funny and they have an incredible group of guests. They have over 50 episodes too so I'm kind of listening in a weird order
  4. Ted talks
    Love listening and watching to these
  5. My Podcast rec lists are the best here (I'm about to come out with another)
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  6. Dear Sugar Radio
    Advice podcast with Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. Can almost always find something relatable in the situations they weigh in on.
    Suggested by @chrisfon
  7. My other list 😑
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  8. Great Debates 69
    This is a regular for me, listening and laughing on the bus ride to Uni!
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  9. Voicemails
    Podcast opens with a few phone rings and a voicemail message, then you start talking to the person about a specific topic...could be an episode review, thoughts, topical informative stuff, all in a format of explaining to a buddy. Maybe always be angry like your buddy shady buttoned you, could call it something like "The Shady Button-Cast". For fun, the podcast could end with, "Sorry, your message was too long and had been deleted."
    Suggested by @dvdowns
  10. StarTalk Radio
    Because Neil deGrasse Tyson is fantastic.
    Suggested by @sarahtrue
  11. Great Debates
    Suggested by @justjills
  12. Death, sex & money
    "The stuff we all think about, and need to talk about more."
    Suggested by @MandyKN
  13. Welcome to Nightvale & The Moth are amazing!!
    Suggested by @arisbeith
  14. Hound Tall Discussion
    With Moshe Kasher. One specialist, four comedians, lots of fun.
    Suggested by @libedon
  15. The black tapes, Tanis, generation why
    Suggested by @bsizzle33
  16. Stuff You Missed in History Class!
    30 minutes podcasts on random topics. so good.
    Suggested by @narniashamrock
  17. Straight Talk MD
    Dr. Frank Sweeny discusses hot topic medical issues that are of concern to the general public. He talks about a wide range of things from the broken health care system to childhood leukemia to environmental toxins. All are super interesting!
    Suggested by @sigmarissa
  18. Screen Facts with Jason Davis
    screenfacts.podbean.com or iTunes
    Suggested by @JasonDavisVoice
  19. Mystery Show
    Starlee Kine solves mysteries that must fit two criteria: 1) you can't solve them yourself and 2) you can't solve using the Internet. Hilarious and fantastic. 👌🏻
    Suggested by @ijbaxter