From most recent to least recent
  1. 'Are you like, transitioning?'
    A customer wanting to know why I have acrylic nails. We had a healthy discussion about gender neutral pronouns after.
  2. 'Are you a boy or a girl?'
    3 of the young boys in my neighborhood rode by on scooters and yelled this to me from across the street. I told them I don't know.
  3. 'What are your pronouns?'
    Shout out to Cammie, idk if I'll ever see you again but thanks for asking so charmingly. I'm trying out they/them right now but am also comfortable with he/him/ and she/her if it's not condescending.
  4. 'Do you go by she/her?'
    Asked by an 18 yr old at the beach...also lead to a healthy discussion on gender neutral pronouns. I was wearing a see through shawl and booty shorts.
  5. 'Are you transgender'
    Asked by a married woman at a party while also discussing acrylic nails
  6. Right now I don't identify as a transgender woman and I also don't identify as a cisgender man
    Feeling real non binary for the moment