I've been seeing a lot of posts about how people can't wait for Christmas and that they start celebrating on November 1st but tbh I haven't liked this season for a long time
  1. Thanksgiving
    Let's start with this bitch. I have recently found out that giving thanks is a scientifically proven way to feel happier. Even just searching for gratitude is an act that stimulates your brain positively. So I'm conflicted because this year I'm going to a dinner with at my dad's house with his wife and my brothers and nephews and sister in laws. I have many things to be grateful for that involves this group of people but it's segregated and complicated and I'm terrified for this event tbh.
  2. However, my best friend is coming home and bringing her boyfriend who I haven't met yet.
    I haven't seen her in about a year and a half so I'm excited to hang out and meet Dave.
  3. Actual Christmas Eve
    Every year I have to deny my mother's request to go to church and every year it is heart breaking and aggravating.
  4. Actual Christmas Day
    Involves getting up ridiculously early and witnessing greed. I'm considering no longer taking part but don't want to hurt my family. I'm just not a Christian anymore and the actual holiday lost its charm for me when I was very young. Seeing my family is great in many aspects but there are members in my family that are just difficult for me to be around especially during the holidays because there are so many sad memories surrounding these times.
  5. New Year's Eve
    I do like this holiday. I wear glitter and drink too much and eat a lot and I've never had problems with this holiday tbh
  6. New Year's Day
    Is one of the worst holidays of all time but it's just necessary to recover from nye. I do love New Years resolutions though