I can't believe this is my 100th list.
  1. Holy wow maybe I'm feeling a little sentimental but
  2. I got The List App because @AsaAkira tweeted a funny list
    She's a porn star and while I don't often watch her flicks I do like to read her articles, tweets, lists, and her autobiography
  3. And that was back in...October?
    Check out my first list I still struggle to do any/all of these things FINDING WELLNESS AT 23
  4. There have been a lot of very nice things said about my writing, my toe nails, my hair, and my aspirations
  5. Some very consistent relisting and liking and commenting
    @jannychan is one of my favorites :)
  6. This is probably my favorite app/media rn
    I literally tell everyone I meet about this thing. @list you should hire me to spread the word in Minneapolis
  7. Here is to another 100 lists
    And 100 more followers :)
  8. Happy listing!