The Evolution Of My Finger Nails

  1. I have terrible anxiety and my fingers and nail beds used to look like straight up scabs from biting and picking
    Sometimes our coping mechanisms from trauma can hold a lot of shame but I'm learning to be loving towards my negatives
  2. In 2010 I tried a nail polish called "Bite It" that tasted really unpleasant
    It worked for a while but when I quit I started biting again
  3. My thumb on the right in high school
  4. I got my first manicure in 2011 my freshman year of college
    At first I would just do a clear coat and get a manicure once or twice a year
  5. I quit trying for a long time but now I need to have attractive fingers as a server in a restaurant
    Glam is better than gore in this (and most) cases
  6. First time doing color polish oct 2015
  7. Next
  8. Started buying some polish for at home when I can't afford a manicure
  9. A little shaky with a couple hang nails
  10. Back to the salon for a gel
  11. First acrylic set
  12. Acrylics
  13. Acrylics ft rhinestone
  14. Newly repaired
    I got this fill done on Friday and by today 5 of them were chipped but they fixed them for free 💅🏼