When I can't sleep I sometimes realize it's because I'm fighting my emotions
  1. Tonight I got pretty upset with a coworker and a poorly handled management situation
    Communication is key y'all
  2. And like hours later I can't sleep
    Per usual
  3. I'm grinding my teeth
  4. Because tonight at work I was noticeably angry in front of my coworkers
    like multiple people commented
  5. And I'm feeling shameful and guilty
    Like I shouldn't have gotten angry
  6. But I didn't express my anger unhealthily
  7. It is okay to feel angry
    Anger is proof that you care about the things you find unjust.
  8. I openly discussed the issue with her and management and feel like the while situation was handled maturely
    Even if in general I think she's self-entitled and fake and a shark
  9. But I'm not here to be petty
  10. So why do I feel guilty for my anger?
  11. Why do I feel like I was raised to be eternally failing at eternal happiness?