1. I got rid of my laptop and bought a tablet almost a year ago
  2. I don't like to live in regret but I also don't like not having a computer
  3. Sure my iPad can do some of the things my MacBook could
  4. But it has many flaws
    No USB, no CD, the tumblr app sucks, I can't type without a different accessory
  5. Purchasing a wireless keyboard was a nice addition
    And using it with my phone makes writing lists 100xx faster
  6. Kind of wish I could use a mouse but that would defeat the point of having a touch screen really
  7. I wonder if it's worth it to buy a cheap laptop now or if I should just wait until I go back to school to get a nice one
  8. Typing with acrylic nails is easier the shorter the length for me
    I love having acrylics but in general I think keeping them shorter is the most practical way for me to function haha my first set was a little unrealistic but I've been shortening them when I go in for fills
  9. I got this set two days ago and a bunch of them are already chipping so I'm gonna go back today and ask them if they'll fix them for free