Daydreaming about winning the lottery has been my favorite past time for many years so I'm going to give you the run down of how to use this money most efficiently
  1. Start with a bit of math. With a cash option of roughly 800mil-- I could spend approximately $150K/week for the next 100 years
    And I intend to use as much of that money as possible
  2. I wouldn't tell anyone I know that I won until I was ready to release my brand
    I may in this time period tattoo the winning numbers on my fucking neck though 😉
  3. The grand release of my brand: CandleMaker™ on the cover of Time magazine, wearing little to no clothing and covered in/surrounded by money
    My first name is Chandler which is an old english word for a maker of candles, soaps, and waxes. I'd create a charity network named CandleMaker that gave $100K away in scholarships and tuition reimbursement through a weekly lottery drawing to people across the country. But it would be like a social media website too, and essentially people would create profiles similar to Kickstarter and the more people who visited the page the more entries into the weekly lottery drawing you would get.
  4. The Time cover would coincide with the release of the HBO docu-series that would follow me around true life style
    It of course would show me vacationing to all of my friends and family to pay off their debts/buy them homes in person while simultaneously running a charity network
  5. Even after giving away 100K each week I'd still have 50K/week to invest
    So I'd open an LGBTQA restaurant/coffee shop/bar that paid all of its workers a 40K/year salary plus pooled tips
  6. And I'd make sure to choose an old building in uptown that needed to be restored. I could take on a building the city was going to demolish but fix it up.
    4 story building. Main floor-- coffee/food. Basement-- the bar. Second floor-- the office space for CandleMaker. Third and fourth floor gutted out to have a giant loft that I live in. Rooftop access so that I can have a greenhouse. All of this would be filmed for HBO of course.
  7. Any left over funds would go towards investment properties that I would flip and rent out to low income families for super cheap
    Or for no cost at all really like I wouldn't need the money. Maybe they could just cover utilities/cable/property taxes and have a beautiful house for like $200/month
  8. And I'd follow the 4 6 10 rule
    I'd only 'work' 4 days a week, 6 hours a day, and 10 months out of the year. Just enough to keep me busy and motivated but not so much that all I'm doing is breaking my back at the restaurant and getting burnt out giving people money. Plus it lets me have built in time to travel outside of just work.