Inspired by @ListPrompts please don't kink shame me lol
  1. Hair
    Every kind of hair on a person turns me on. Whether it's growing out of your head, face, arms, or ass...I love it. I even find that the women I'm most sexually attracted to (kind of a small number but I'm trying to embrace my queerness and admit that I'm not 100% gay) are generally women who don't shave their armpits or legs or stomachs/pubic hair. I've been attracted to hairy men my whole life. And I of course love a fabulous head of hair.
  2. Being interested in what I have to say
    You gotta make me comfortable and be pretty engaged/fascinated by me from the start or I'll be too much and kill the situation by over compensating #♏️
  3. A good belly/broad chest
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    Good does not mean washboard. Good means soft and fuzzy and comfortable and cute. Here is an example of my belly, which is good. I generally am attracted to people who are a little bigger than me. I just like to feel smaller than the person I'm fooling around with?
  4. Good politics
    If you're not feeling the Bern than I'm probably not feeling you
  5. People who are not too tall but not too short
    Like 5 ft 10.5-6ft it's such an average height to be attracted to but I'm only like 5 ft 9 so maybe that's subconsciously the height I would like to be
  6. Funny people
    If you can make me laugh there is a good chance I will want to suck your dick in a coat closet at a fancy dinner party