Sitting at the bar overhearing a conversation about the statistics of players/teams...
  1. I can't help but tune out
    Which is fine rn like I'm eavesdropping so it's okay to tune it out but when I'm in a conversation it happens too
  2. I am not an athlete
  3. And I'm not trying to be a hater
  4. Because I can talk about musical theater or pop culture for fucking hours
    So I realize the joy in geeking out with someone about something you are passionate about
  5. But I don't get the obsession men have with being so all-knowing about sports
    Sorry to generalize but I actually love to speak about sports with girls who don't feel like they have to prove anything about their knowledge of the sport to be a fan
  6. And I guess I just haven't ever encountered that yet with men
  7. And maybe it's because I grew up as a gymnast and a dancer
  8. And even though I was athletic as fuck back then
    I was told I wasn't in 'real sports'
  9. So I quit gymnastics and joined flag football
    Which didn't work out
  10. Then basketball
    Didn't make a single shot all season
  11. Wrestling
    Lost to a girl which for some reason was supposed to be embarrassing even though her brother was a state champion and she was a scrapper! Also couldn't stop fantasizing about all the visible dicks in singlets
  12. Idk man
  13. Sports
    Literally infiltrating all aspects of my life daily without my approval