It's a shoebox but it's MY shoebox.
  1. Plants
    I've had to buy a few because some have died by right now I have 4 going strong. Picture taken on a gloomy day where bed is the warmest place to be.
  2. Ceiling tiles (conceptual wall)
    Yes they were six bucks each. Yes I painted them gold. Yes they're held to the ceiling with staples. Yes I now have two staple guns.
  3. Made from scratch bed
    I built this with my friend @bass_knuckles
  4. Made from scratch bar
    This too
  5. The kitchenette is small but functional
    Sort of. It will be more functional when I get a microwave. And it would be even more functional with a deep fryer and a dishwasher ;)
  6. I have a bath tub
    And a shower
  7. And a beautiful courtyard
  8. Plus the whole place smells like peppermint🍬