Since 2012, my place keeps letting buzzed by UFOs. My wife claims its just squirrels running over the shingles. I doubt it. Why would squirrels by on my rook? More likely, visitors from another planet, fascinated with my collection of Apple memorabilia. Generally, I'm asleep so my descriptions might be a little off
  1. Round, grey metallic color, with glass portals. About the size of a Winnebago. Funny, because to them it probably is their Winnebago.
  2. Rocket-like, with fins, and flames shooting out the back. With an uncanny ability to just float there. Holds about 6 of them.
  3. Oval shaped with spinning colored lights. No windows. Makes eerie humming sound. No windows? Must navigate with advanced radar.
  4. Organic-looking shape, like an internal body organ. Such an advanced civilization probably "grows" their equipment instead of building it. Such genius. You have to admire them.
  5. City-shape with antennas poking out in every direction. For picking up FM and TV perhaps. Or to hide their presence when floating just above my chimney? Cunning.