One or two I had as a child, the rest I wanted. One day my number'll come in and I'll (re)buy them all. This list has nothing to do with unresolved childhood issues. NIB = New In Box.
  1. NIB Optimus Prime
    It's really hard to find a non-Pepsi one without stickers applied. This is important.
  2. Terminator 2 skull with removable chip.
    The forearm is also solid but is a tier 2 item.
  3. NIB everything NES ever.
  4. Street Fighter II arcade machine
    Not turbo or any other fancy versions, just basic SFII.
  5. Functional KITT replica car.
    As long as the LED sweep works and has the right steering wheel with digital speedo I'm in.
  6. Any/every marquee item from Hammacher Schlemmer.
  7. Lamborghini Countach
    I can't even fit in them, they are notoriously awful to drive and own, and there's nothing I'd love to see in my garage more than a pristine example of what I believe is one of the all time greats. With the wing, sorry purists.
  8. Pogo Ball
    I never felt like I mastered it.