Over the last year I've been lucky enough to spend time with the actual J. Peterman, a man who's as close to a real life Indiana Jones as I've ever heard of. "Peterman's Eye" is something that he has developed over his many years of traveling for the catalog, in pursuit of authentic goods rife with "factual romance". These are a few favorites:
  1. Grape Scissors
    "Decorative fluted handles, elegant alternative to tearing the bunch by hand. Marked with maker & EP."
  2. 1953 Chambray Shirt
    "June. Brooklyn Dodgers off to great start (en route to best record ever). First Corvette built in Flint. “Rags to Riches” tops the charts. FCC approves color television. Most importantly: Weber invents its iconic dome-shaped grill; the backyard barbecue explodes in popularity. Deviled eggs, barbecued spareribs and pretty women in dresses abound. Men hold sweating martinis against their collared plaid chambray shirts, like these."
  3. Genuine Gladstone Bag
    "Rich Brown full-grain cowhide, handsome but meant to be abused."
  4. The J. Peterman Shirt
    "Of the thousand castles, mansions, châteaux you can walk through today, only Monticello, only Jefferson’s own mansion, makes you feel so comfortable you want to live in it. I think you will feel the same about his 18th-century shirt. Classic. Simple. Livable."
  5. Colonial Postal Scale
    "A self indicating letter scale in cast brass and steel. It consists of one flat pan for the load on the short arm and a heavy counterpoise on the long arm . Once the letter is in position, the counterpoise swings upward to balance the load and the indicator points to the scale, giving the weight in units of grams. Stamped with the maker’s name, “Colonial.” Ca. 1900."
  6. English Travel Jacket
    "Horsley Hall. North East England. Decided last minute to take in lunch before the skeet-shooting party. Unbeknownst to me, jacket was required. The maitre d’ compliments me on my unique blazer (with wool tie) and recommends the Roast Pork with Yorkshire Pudding (off the menu). Prospects for the day are good."
  7. Royal Standard/Crest Door Knocker
    "There is a King with a study/office or a Queen with a dressing room for whom this will be the "finishing touch"."
  8. 1930s Football Sweater
    "I kept seeing this sweater so often in old photos of college football teams that I had to get my hands on one. Took some doing, but I wanted it to be right. A simple but mysterious thing. Who's that in the mirror... you, or George "Bad News" Cafego?"