1. Sunny winter day — how strange!
    Wore a tshirt for part of my walk
  2. Walked a lot
    To the drivers license place, then on a fruitless journey for breakfast while m was at the gym
  3. Tried to take a cute self portrait in the sun
    But I was wearing a weirdly fitting hat
  4. Basked in the nice day / good vibes of mostly abandoned Rathdowne St in Carlton
  5. Ate the best $10 AUD breakfast wrap ever from the unassuming cafe across from the gym
    V nice barista too!
  6. (It's honestly so hard to find any decent food in Melbourne for under $15)
  7. Took this photo of someone's house
  8. Margot ran around in the park and covered herself in possum poop
    Was able to make a grooming appointment for the same day, yes!!
  9. Washed our bedding at the laundromat
    I've been missing Clifton Hill so it was nice to be back
  10. Bought a Frankie Mag, tried on some shoes
    Retail pleasures ✨
  11. Bought v sweet and seedless mandarin oranges with cute stems on them
    Everyone who worked at that market loved Margot :)
  12. Read about some youth arts programs in a cute brochure from Signal Arts found at said laundromat
    Could not believe it was a City mandated project it looked like a cute zine
  13. Got Margot back smelling all coconutty
    Fresh pupper!
  14. Michael's turn to make dinner - chicken schnitzel & onigiri - while i answer emails
    Inbox 0 on my work email for a whole hour , yeah!
  15. Rick & Morty + Game of Thrones evening
  16. Made it through the day
    Without much conflict or too much stress.
  17. Ready for August, I think!
    Bring it on...