To Me, Contentment* Is

*changed from "happiness" which I learned on Question of the Day podcast is too ephemeral an emotion to be captured by such things...
  1. Honey milk bubble tea
    With pearls or pudding!
  2. Surprise sun showers
  3. Puppy cuddles
    Tough when dog has cat personality but all the more meaningful
  4. Falling back asleep after waking up anytime before 8am
    Snooze o clock
  5. 150 new emojis
  6. Solo downtown evening strolls
  7. Brunch/lunch/dinner with friends. Meals with friends!!
  8. Really good ramen
  9. Eating something I cooked and not hating it
  10. SNACKS!
  11. Realizing this list is mainly food related and being OK w/ that.