Inspired by @lenadunham
  1. Sew button on shirt
    That end of year mending ritual. I'm sure you guys all do it too.
  2. Donate clothes
    I take them to our local thrift store that benefits the elderly.
  3. Play board game with fam
    I actually used to do this as a child, but sadly not now with my own family. Not sure why. No time? Maybe we just don't like game playing
  4. Create album of summer trip on
    We went to Copenhagen & Amsterdam. Crisp, clean open cities with great food and pretty canals
  5. Decide on where we're going this summer and actually formalize it with plane tickets
    Really want to go to Praque & Austria....
  6. Quickly go through old magazines stacked in neat pile on kitchen floor
    I just can't throw away (recycle) a magazine without going through it even if I haven't paid for it. Paper is powerful!
  7. I'm a fun fun fun girl
  8. Decluttering makes me happy. Followers of @gretchenrubin will understand
  9. Work on my draft lists and "publish" them
    Thanks @bjnovak for creating this. Even though it's "just an app", it feels great being published. Like an author.
  10. Happy Holidays planning!