1. Disappointed
    plans for Thankgiving dinner fell thru at last minute
  2. Secretly relieved
    socializing & talking & people cause me major angst & anxiety
  3. Felt like loser
    for ordering turkey dinner from Boston Market
  4. Felt like bigger loser
    for liking it & thinking we should do it again next year
  5. Ashamed
    because didn't want to go to religious services hosted by friend who'd had a loss (see aforementioned reference to social anxiety)
  6. Irritable/depressed/self loathing
    this Thanksgiving kind of sucks mainly because of my own actions
  7. Hopeful
    hey the weekend's not over...
  8. Empowered
    read work journals that have been piling up, decided to stop being grouchy for no good reason, finished @mindy's book (we have the same outlook about hard work ->success & America being the place that allows that. Also she understands that being superficial about some things doesn't mean you're not a smart, caring professional & nice person.
  9. Thankful