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This morning.
  1. This morning started off horrible. I felt sick. I spilt my breakfast on the floor. I knocked a jar of tags off the counter. Bad start.
  2. I hopped in my car and as I drove to work a loud beep signaling low tire pressure popped on.
  3. No biggie, I'll fill them up at the gas station.
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Inspired by @ListPrompts and @Danni
  1. Two years ago, my mom emailed me at college to tell me she had found "the one."
  2. Two months later I got to meet him for myself.
  3. He was waiting at the front door for me, smiling. I noticed he likes to tilt his head to the side which was kind of cute.
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  1. I remember it being greener.
    December, I blame you.
  2. Mental note to never show anyone around my hometown in December.
  3. My high school was baller. But it looks like a dump from the outside.
    I always thought it was pretty with the old brick. Gray December, you're at fault again.
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More stressful than it should be.
  1. Onsale time: 10am. Ready at computer: 9:45am
  2. Frantically updated my account with my credit card so I could beat everyone.
  3. Patiently wait.
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I babysit a 2nd grade boy with a lisp, a brilliant 4th grade girl, and a 7th grade boy with autism. This is an ever growing list.
  1. "If you move you won't be our babysitter. You should move into our house!" -2nd grader
  2. "Can I please have my cheezits back?" -7th grader, after I caught him eating cheezits when he was supposed to be sleeping
  3. "Did you just slap that girl's butt!?"-Me "Yes. She likes it when I say goodbye that way."-7th grader
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