More stressful than it should be.
  1. Onsale time: 10am. Ready at computer: 9:45am
  2. Frantically updated my account with my credit card so I could beat everyone.
  3. Patiently wait.
  4. 10:00- something is loading
  5. 10:02- "HELLO, you're currently in line."
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  6. 10:08- sweet Jesus I'm picking tickets. Submit!
  7. 10:09- "Find perfect verified option. Wait time is approximately 4 minutes."
    Sweet I got this.
  8. 10:11- "Wait time approximately 26 minutes."
    Well that escalated quickly.
  9. 10:15- "There are no tickets available."
    Are you kidding me!? You mean that many thousands of tickets were just sold!? Bullshit, Ticketmaster.
  10. 10:16- Trying a Wednesday. No one goes to concerts on Wednesdays right?
  11. 10:18- "Cannot process your request. Try again later."
    There is no later. Now is the only time!!!!!
  12. How am I gonna find a Christmas gift for everyone when Adele would've won Christmas?? Everything else is a failure.
  13. 10:20- I'll try a Monday during her 6 day stint in NYC.
  14. Motherfucker.
  15. I prepped for this moment, can't give up now.
  16. 10:26- I will try any east coast show. Maybe even Chicago.
  17. 10:27- "Wait time 45 minutes."
  18. 10:28- "Wait time 22 minutes."
    This wait time timer is incredibly inaccurate. It is just making me anxious.
  19. Assholes.
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  20. 11:22- Officially giving up after seeing multiple Facebook posts about having gotten tickets to the show I want. Why not me!?!?
    So confused about how some people got tickets when I tried so hard and was on time and everything. Maybe this is a metaphor for my life....