Inspired by @ListPrompts and @Danni
  1. Two years ago, my mom emailed me at college to tell me she had found "the one."
  2. Two months later I got to meet him for myself.
  3. He was waiting at the front door for me, smiling. I noticed he likes to tilt his head to the side which was kind of cute.
  4. We had tea with his family in the living room. He was anxious and couldn't figure out where to sit.
  5. He was very touchy-feely. I was taken aback when he jumped on me and began ferociously humping my leg. When I asked him to stop, he promptly did, which I very much appreciated.
  6. We liked each other so much, I asked him to move in with me.
  7. We go for runs every day because couples who work out together, stay together.
  8. And when we are tired of working out together, we read.
  9. Often, reading together becomes napping together, which is better.
  10. We keep each other company during sporting events.
  11. And sometimes, we cuddle.
  12. At Christmas, we frolic in the snow together.
  13. When in doubt, we drink together.
  14. But mostly, we just gaze lovingly into each other's eyes.