I travelled solo for three weeks through Europe last month.
  1. I can be alone.
    This is deep. But true. Three weeks in four countries that do not speak English was a challenge but I navigated it all by myself. With only yourself to rely on, you truly learn how to be alone and comfortable and confident.
  2. I like being busy.
    A day jam-packed with activities is not only rewarding and exciting but makes me super sleepy. Which is great cause then I didn't feel weird about not going out to the clubs/bars.
  3. I like food. A lot.
    Falafel, döner, currywurst, tredlník, bacalhau, smørrebørd....
  4. Wine and beer are cheap. And delicious.
    I already knew wine and beer were delicious. But wine and beer cheaper than water is like my dream world.
  5. I'm outgoing.
    Never really thought of myself as outgoing, but sitting at a table full of strangers and making friends changed that.
  6. I might want to live abroad.
    Why not right?
  7. You can learn a lot from other cultures and people.
    Traveling before, during, and after the Paris attacks meant people were open and willing to share their beliefs on the topic. Each person had an informed opinion and each country offered a new view. I learned more about the successes of the refugee crisis than I ever had at learned at home. I wish every American could have the open, sharing, compassionate conversations I had about the world's unrest.
  8. I can do anything.
    Literally. I planned a three week trip, alone, in four countries that don't speak English, no friends along the way, and it went off without a hitch. The only small bump was just that--small-- because I was confident enough to stand up for myself. Success.