Harvard, MA. Whaddup.
  1. I remember it being greener.
    December, I blame you.
  2. Mental note to never show anyone around my hometown in December.
  3. My high school was baller. But it looks like a dump from the outside.
    I always thought it was pretty with the old brick. Gray December, you're at fault again.
  4. People still live here.
    It's bizarre how life in a small town goes on even when you leave.
  5. The general store looks great!
    It used to be an old fashioned general store that only sold junk food and lottery tickets. Now it's hipster heaven with local luxury goods, fancy beer, and concert nights. Kinda sad I'm missing it's glory days.
  6. At the massage therapists and found the Harvard newspaper. And I know both the people on the front page personally.
    Small town America.