Everybody has one. I have many.
  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
    Obviously. For me and every other millennial.
  2. Ella Enchanted
    Truly excellent YA fantasy, with beautiful characters and heart-wrenching conflict. We still deserve a better movie.
  3. The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
    I've probably read this book more than any other. I'm in love with the setting, the time period, and mostly the women and their love for one another. This book is the equivalent of a chilly end-of-summer evening under a blanket with someone you love.
  4. Little Women
    This is the winter version of Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I disappear right into this book and don't come out until the end. The characters are not particularly complex and yet they feel so real to me.
  5. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
    Apparently I love books about positive female relationships? Anyway, my best friend and I obsessed over this series in our impressionable adolescence and every time I read this, I'm vividly brought back to that time in my life. I love how each girl is so unique and yet there's a little bit of me in each of them.