I have pretty good stories for my sports allegiances, so here they are
  1. Green Bay Packers 🏈
    My preschool teacher asked me what my favorite colors were. I said green and yellow. She said you should root for Green Bay. The rest is history
  2. Boston Red Sox ⚾️
    My sister had a Derek Jeter crush and became a Yankees fan. I wanted to spite her. My friend liked the Red Sox, and a fandom was born. Saw them win Game 6 at Fenway in 2013
  3. Gonzaga Bulldogs 🏀
    Big sis went to school there during the Adam Morrison years. Can't beat that. Fun to watch them - Raivio, Heytvelt, NBA's greatest hype man Sacre, Pargo, Bouldin, now Green Bay Packer Goodson, Pangos, Wiltjer - the list goes on.
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers🏀
    All other Ohio sports teams are too depressing to root for, and now that I've been gone from Ohio for a bit I gotta stay connected. Plus Lebron. More of a Kevin Love myself though
  5. Edmonton Oilers
    Seemed like the most obscure team in 2nd grade so I went for it. Partial to Penguins due to my birth in Pittsburg, but not a huge NHL fan if I'm being real
  6. College football 🏈
    This js a tough one because I definitely like the NFL better and there are a lot of options. Wisconsin since my brother went there and they are near Green Bay. Northwestern since both my parents went there. Toledo and OSU for the Ohio connection. It's a tossup
  7. Boston University Terriers
    My alma mater. Hockey is about the only thing we're good at, so that's what I follow.
  8. Bayern Munich ⚽️
    Not a huge soccer fan, but my sister lived in Munich for a while and they were actually on TV when I was living in Berlin. Schweinstieger ❤️
  9. Lacrosse
    The sport I actually played the most, I don't follow at all. Crazy eh?