What if Dunder Mifflin Scranton closed instead of Stamford? Let's find out what would have happened to our stars
  1. Jim and Karen would have gotten married: Pam was considered a none essential worker due to her job as a receptionist. Because of this, she would not have been apart of the group that was offered jobs during the merger. Meaning She would not create a wedge between Jim and Karen, allowing their relationship to develop into something much stronger.
  2. The end of Dunder Mifflin: season 5 Michael left DM to form his own company which competed for the local business. Since he would be fired as a result of the merger, it is likely that he would follow a similar course of action. Since DM would no longer employ the majority of their Scranton staff they would be free to join and steal the local market
  3. Dwight and Angela: without DM Dwight and Angela would have likely gotten married significantly earlier. Since they didn't have many friends outside of the office, they would no longer have to rigorously hide their relationship. Allowing them to spend out their lives together on schrute farms
  4. Ryan wouldn't have gotten into drugs: Ryan's drug problems began at the end of season three, after he is hired at corporate. If DM Scranton were to have closed, he would have probably been hired at another company, and would have slowly climbed the corporate ladder.
  5. Pam would have never become an independent person: in season three, Pam learns to go after what she wants. Seeing Karen and Jim together causes her to become a more assertive an independent person. With out their presence she would likely continue to play it safe, find another job as a receptionist and not pursue art.
  6. Scrantonicity: since Kevin would have gotten a severance package after the merger, he would have ample amounts of time to focus on his music career. Without DM he could make music his full time job. Since he is a very talented musician, it's possible that he could have been able to make a name for himself in that industry