1. Three amigos
    "My little buttercup..."
  2. Spies like us
  3. Galaxy Quest
    "Is there air?!? You don't know!!"
  4. Brink
    "Don't. Be. A. Wuss."
  5. The mighty ducks
    "Cake boy"
  6. Sgt Bilko
    "Anyone here would take a bullet for you. I mean not in the chest or anything but maybe like the leg"
  7. Groundhog Day
    "Is it snowing in space?!?"
  8. Uncle buck
    "Hey while I'm thinking of these things do you have a plunger? I've been eating a lot of cheese lately I'm like a big rat"
  9. Zoolander
    "Merman dad...MERMAN!!"
  10. Moonlight
    Where's my hand?!? WHERES MY BRIDE?!?
  11. The birdcage
    Chewing gum helps me think. Honey, you're wasting your gum