1. Wipe down the counter
    While probably not a bad thing, I know I'm using an absurd amount of paper towels and realistically the counter isn't really dirty even if at all
  2. Wash my clothes
    Another one you would be lead to believe wouldn't be so bad, but I'm actually wearing out my clothes doing this and I feel like I do laundry EVERY DAY. I just can't put clothes on the floor and am too lazy to refold, so I shrug and toss them back in the hamper
  3. Drink half a can of polar seltzer
    So many wounded soldiers! Then I curse myself when I'm hungover and realize I half drank all my cans during the week and am stuck with tap water. And this shits expensive
  4. Watch grandma's boy
    If a movie isn't chosen for me I'll contemplate watching something new for about 30 seconds and then put on grandmas boy. I've seen it upwards of 50 times. My other go to is super troopers, depends which app I'm on
  5. Watch frasier
    I only use Netflix to watch Frasier. This is not an exaggeration. I watched all twelve seasons my last semester senior year and have just been replaying them since. I am forever looking for the Niles to my Frasier to share some after work sherry
  6. Apologize
    Yup I'm one of those. And as an admin I find myself apologizing to people for their own mistakes which cause me more work. Like maybe I can go back in time, gain telepathy, and prevent you from fucking up. It's exhausting and it's a habit I'm trying to break
  7. Buy clothes I didn't try on in store and rip the tag off at home only to discover
    It doesn't fit/is incredibly unflattering. Then I'll stick it in my laundry for six months before finally donating.
  8. Act ashamed that I watch the real housewives
    I love the real housewives the way men love sports. My favorite teams are Bev Hills, OC (OG), and NYC. I'm embarrassed to admit this to other adults lest they think I'm not as smart for enjoying the shows as much as I do. But fuck them, because baseball sucks
  9. Wash my hair
    Everyday. I know it's bad but I can't break the habit, I turn into a huge greaseball. I don't really damage my hair in any other way so that's my justification