I have a tiny apartment (with a v nice view) and these are the things I don't have room for but won't get rid of 😑
  1. Scissors
    I have at least one pair of scissors in every room in my house - in addition to this - two in the kitchen, and an unopened pack of 4 in the guest bedroom. How much you wanna bet I get another pair this Christmas?
  2. Reusable bags
    I have THOUSANDS and I swear they're breeding. Every time I visit with a mother, any mother, I get another. I only use ONE with two smaller backups. I don't buy that many things at once!
  3. Oven mitts
    In every style, this includes "pot holders" and just liked padded things to set pots down. Last count, 46. Another item I'll get again for Christmas
  4. Toilet paper
    I hoard toilet paper. I'm not wrong in doing this.
  5. Parmesan cheese
    Always the industrial size bottle I lift from my mom's house biannually. I don't even eat that much pasta anymore, but when I do I need to know I have a lot of cheese at hand
  6. Bras
    I can just never bear to part with one. And it feels weird throwing them out. Could NEVER donate.
  7. Canned beans
    I let Walker go shopping unassisted one time and I had black beans, chick peas, and B&M baked beans on the list. He purchased five cans of each. Enough beans for me for like a decade
  8. Koozies
    Maybe Walker's collecting them? Idk we have a lot
  9. VHS tapes
    I store them at my mom's and she's nice enough not to point out this is nuts and I need to toss them ASAP. PS I don't have a VCR 🙃
  10. Bathroom products
    Somewhere down the line it became acceptable to give household items as legitimate gifts for holidays. Which actually I'm pretty ok with because I save a ton of money and it's useful. But I also have an unnecessary amount of tooth paste, spray on lotion, and shampoo amid other sundries. Real talk I'm sad I haven't been able to pick my own shampoo and conditioner in 7 years