In November Massachusetts voters will have the opportunity to legalize recreational cannabis use. There are greater reasons beyond tax revenue to support this cause. Here are reasons why 'on the fence' voters should support it.
  1. The War on Drugs is an absolute disaster
    In 2016 America will spend approximately a combined $50B on the war on drugs. Over 500k arrests for simple cannabis possession will be made, 84% of those arrested will be young men of color. Every state that legalizes cannabis is one step closer to legalization on the federal level.
  2. All Drug Policies have racist roots:
    Whether outlawing opium to control Chinese immigrants during the early 20th Century, crack in the 1970's to control black Americans, or cannabis to control Mexican immigrants 100 years ago all of America's drug policies are racist and classist in their origin and scope. Even in states like MA where cannabis is decriminalized, black men still make up the majority of those arrested for possession despite the fact that whites and blacks use cannabis at equal rates.
  3. Cannabis is the safest recreational drug, including alcohol and tobacco.
    It is physically impossibly to overdose on THC. Unlike opioid and alcohol receptors, Cannabinoid receptors are not located in the brain stem making it impossible for any type of physical overdose.
  4. Cannabis is the only drug not associated with violent behavior.
    Contrary to what you'll hear politicians say, the vast majority of cannabis users never progress to harder drugs. The National Institute for Drug Abuse, a federally run program, acknowledges this as well.
  6. Legalization does not correlate to high use rates among youths
    So far in states like Colorado, use rates have either remained steady or have slightly decreased depending on the poll since legalization. Colorado has also seen a decrease in fatal accidents involving THC.
  7. Responsible adults should be treated like such
    Law abiding adults who like to partake in a less toxic, safer and more mellow form of self medicating should be allowed to do so without the government telling us how to behave.