I'm not as interesting as these pictures make me seem I promise.
  1. Hiking 5 miles through Turkey Run in my totally fashionable non-hiking boots (still not sure why I wore those??)
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  2. This is Harold, the joyful pumpkin. He had a rough start to life but he turned it around and look at him now. Keep your head up, kid.
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  3. Here's a picture of my feet and some snow and a cigarette. Not much to see here.
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  4. Snow from last year. Please come back, I love you. But also hate you. But also I love you... this is starting to sound a lot like my last relationship.
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  5. This was like my first week of college (I think???) Luckily most people found my blatant awkwardness endearing rather than off-putting, and from that awkwardness eventually grew a (slightly) less awkward man with much better hair.
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