Some may be discriminatory but valid in my opinion
  1. Being late
  2. Being too early
  3. Clearly not reading the job description
  4. Not dressed appropriately
    Personally I think it's always better to dress up... I always wear a suit but tone it up or down depending on the company
  5. Wearing way too much perfume or cologne
    Or smelling like BO, garlic, cigarettes...
  6. Women: to much bling
    Sparkling jewelry, makeup..
  7. Lying on resume
    About their skills/language
  8. Not having any questions
    Hasn't researched the company
  9. When asked what the last book they read was, struggles for or not having a response
  10. Immediately asking about salary and/or vacation time
  11. Spelling mistakes on their resume
  12. Not taking notes
  13. Not smiling/being polite
  14. Weak handshake
  15. Calling back nonstop
  16. Cancelling last minute
  17. Name dropping
  18. Interrupting