1. Finding a job in LA
    Need a change right about now.
  2. Buying baby clothes for my niece
    Though why do they have pockets? Never seen a 3 month old say.."right, phone, smokes, keys.. let's go"!
  3. Bright pink nails....coming off tonight!
    That's what happens when you hang with the 8 year old neighbor
  4. Kobe Beef
  5. Listening to the Pixies
    Kind of forgot about them until I heard Gigantic the other night. Brought back so many memories I pulled out out all their old albums
  6. Stopping my microwave 1 second before it beeps
    Don't know why... 🤔
  7. Rose
    Château Margüi, Coteaux-Varois-en-Provence
  8. @alirezanyc on instagram
    Loving his pics
  9. Strawberries... especially when they are so positive
  10. @list of course!!
    Discovered it when I stared following @bjnovak a few weeks ago on twitter (hype hasn't made it to my part of the globe yet) Great way to pass the time, have a good laugh, get recommendations and learn new thing.
  11. Paris's New Grand Musée du Parfum. Really cool. http://www.grandmuseeduparfum.fr.
  12. Static
  13. My Pols Potten Coral Reef vases
  14. Static
  15. First wave @john / UPDATE: Entire TSFE album by @john
  16. Sparkly sponges...it's all about the little things
    Picture doesn't do it justice
  17. Flaming shots with my boys
    Lord help me 😱🙏🙏🙏
  18. Beautiful pink roses
  19. My new neighbor's dog Rocky