The best part about being single again

  1. Having my California King size bed to myself
    Even if I stay in the corner right side..
  2. Seeing more of my friends
    ... though I realize now how many of them are married, have kids or are pregnant (not all though)
  3. Having the luxury of spending time on my hobbies again ... including creating jewelry, baking, reading...
  4. Watching E! without being lectured
  5. Not feeling obliged to go out when all I want to do is chill on my couch and watch Netflix
  6. Doing laundry for 1
    No more sweaty socks and T 's
  7. Not having to talk about my day if I don't want to
  8. Reconnecting with my guy friends who I've missed so much
    Jealousy is an ugly trait
  9. Toilet seat is down...
    ... and there is always toilet paper on the roll dispenser.
  10. Not feeling guilty coming home with a big bag from Sephora
  11. Being back on social networks
    Haven't checked my Twitter account in years. Forgot my username and password so just started from scratch. Forgot how addicting it can be😬
  12. WORST PART: BUT, when you feel ready to 'go out there again'.....
    It's not as easy as I thought... Age makes you more picky and guarded.