Note: These are generalizations.
  1. Miss: 24 hour grocery store shopping
    Always a mad dash after work to get there
  2. Miss: Customer Service
    That word doesn't seem to exist here. Also, if you need to return an item, you have 14 get the 'up & down' ... and it's usually in a form of a coupon (no cash back).
  3. Miss: Friendly people
    Though I usually found it quite artificial (HAVE A GREAT DAY!) it's still better than being ignored
  4. Miss: Good TV shows
    Thank God for Netflix ... though there still are some restrictions.
  5. Miss: Concerts
    Rarely do I find gigs with the US bands I like.
  6. Miss: American men
  7. Miss: Stores open on Sundays
    I guess everyone needs a day off but it would make my life so much easier.
  8. Don't Miss: Health care
    Ok... so Luxembourg may be quite special in this instance, but we have about 90% coverage.
  9. Don't Miss: Multi cultural/lingual
    Again, Luxembourg is somewhat singular here, but I love walking in a restaurant and hearing French, German, Italian, English, Swedish, Portuguese etc... being spoken. Plus, in school kids learn and have classes in French, Luxemourgish, German,English and one elective. Basically they speak at least 5 languages fluently.
  10. Static
  11. Don't Miss: History
    So much of it here
  12. Don't Miss: Proximity
    Easy and quick to drive to neighboring countries with a whole new culture... or in my case, take the TGV and get to Paris in 2 hours for a day of shopping.
  13. Don't Miss: Food
    Granted there are a lot of amazingly restaurants in the major US cities, but I feel like food is more refined here (more about quality than quantity).
  14. Don't Miss: Coffee
    An espresso just tastes better here for some reason.
  15. Don't Miss: Fashion
    People tend to dress up more here. Even if it's to buy milk. I don't think I've ever seen someone in sweatpants and Uggs.
  16. Static
  17. Don't Miss: Just say what you REALLY mean for God sake