... based on my research with guy friends, so may not apply to everyone
  1. Hair extensions
  2. Fake tan
  3. Too much makeup
    Foundation, sticky lip gloss, dark lip liner...
  4. False eyelashes
  5. Shoes they can't walk in
  6. Uber short skirts
  7. Showing too much skin when you're out with them
  8. Overly big boob jobs
  9. Too much perfume
  10. Talking like a 2 year old
  11. Scary nails
  12. Glitter
  13. Hairspray overload
  14. Dressing way too 'fashion forward' on a casual date
  15. Designer overload
    Gucci shoes, Burberry scarf, Dior purse...
  16. Tight clothing...
    ...when the body isn't meant for it
  17. Spanx/padded bras
    False advertising
  18. Spend hours getting ready
  19. Overly styled hair
    Natural is better
  20. Sunglasses at night
  21. Jewelry: to much/over the top
    Also, blatantly fake jewelry
  22. Being 'fashionably' late