Just from my personal experience...
  1. Less high maintenance
    Easier to communicate with, won't take things too seriously and less formal though still chivalrous
  2. Fun!!
    More spontaneous, can laugh at himself, less qualms about making dirty jokes ( yeah... I can handle it🙄)
  3. Likes to do his own thing and spend time with his buddies i.e. less 'clingy'
    Perfect for someone like me who needs my own space too.
  4. More direct...
    about how he feels, if he is upset about something you did etc... less passive aggressive. Will also tell you when you look gorgeous.... and when you should change shirts😊
  5. Treats you like a princess ...
    and doesn't mind expressing it in public
  6. Doesn't feel threatened...
    by your guy friends. Will trust you wholeheartedly, but if you screw him over, it's done.
  7. Better and more adventurous in bed!
    Could be all the porn they watch🤔😋
  8. Tends to like the outdoors and different sports
    ... and LOVES teaching you about it (so cute)
  9. Takes less shit from others and won't hesitate standing up for you...
    which is very sexy.
  10. Did I mention good in the sack😉