Would you rather ...

... and my responses
  1. Listening to Celine Dion's 'I Will Always Love You' or Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' on repeat for a week
    Barbie Girl
  2. Kissing someone with cigarette breath or garlic breath
    Cigarette breath
  3. Dating someone good in the sack but not very attractive or hot as hell but useless
    Hmm... I guess everyone can learn, but looks aren't everything and if the person is cool and fun I'd say unattractive person. Can also argue that the useless person would probably lack creativity
  4. Having a laugh like Fran Drescher - The Nanny or Beavis.
  5. Sitting next someone with way too much Coco Chanel on or that smells of BO
  6. Finding out the person you were dating was married or you turned them gay
  7. Wearing a pair of leather pants on a really hot summer day or a really itchy wool sweater all day
    Leather pants
  8. Having a huge zit on your face before a big date or showing up WAY overdressed
  9. Burning your tongue or stubbing your little toe
    Burning my tongue
  10. Showing up to an important meeting late because you overslept or exhausted because you got not sleep
  11. Being excessively full or hungry
  12. Sitting on the tarmac for 4 hours or in traffic
  13. Spending your summer vacation where it rains the entire time or in a really crass hotel
    Crass hotel