Please order them a shot instead
  1. Hi how may I help you? Or do you not know?
  2. It's $2.01 ma'am not $2.00
  3. Frappuccinos.
    Usually in a row
  4. Coconut/soy/goat/almond milk frappuccinos
  5. Just two ice cubes in your coffee ma'am? Are you sure you don't need four?
  6. Picking up a coffee by the lid
    What could go wrong here🤔
  7. If you don't want foam, you don't want a cappuccino
  8. *stare...stare* would you like to come make it yourself sir?
  9. Referring to us by emotions/height/hair
    We are not your dog
  10. Oh don't trouble yourself with the coffee you pored in an empty garbage hole
    I'm only changing it two feet away from you
  11. *spills coffee on hand* oh that? No worries, I lost all feeing a long time ago
  12. Would I like a coffee? No....I don't drink it.