I love cheap thrills, fun little things that I can find in my daily life. Things that make me smile are things that make like easier
  1. Tilly: My cat. All cats for that matter
  2. The smell of coffee: it doesn't even matter if it is for me or not
  3. Fresh Sheets: I have the best nights sleep on clean sheets. It doesn't even matter that I am 'always' the one who has to change them because it is so worth it.
  4. A new Outfit: Okay who doesn't love to debut a new outfit?!
  5. A Coconut Popsicle: My favorite cold snack. They are so refreshing.
  6. Alone Time: it rare for me to have the house to myself to do anything I feel like, or don't feel like, doing.
  7. Sleep: I love a good nights sleep. Uninterrupted, but that is so rare.
  8. A Clean House: I love the house so clean that it even smells clean and I get satisfaction when I vacuum myself into that last little corner and I am done.
  9. A Great Haircut: The only problem is that I can never style it the same way the 'pro's' do.
  10. My Favorite TV Show: I love when my favorite show (s) are on and I actually get to watch them, uninterrupted but that also rarely happens.