I'm a worldly woman of refined, weirdly specific taste who doesn't know how to be alone for extended periods of time.
  1. Malta
    I have traveled to Europe 4 times and even lived there for 6 months. Just when I started feeling like I've already seen everything Europe has to offer, I learned of the existence of an island nation with a great exchange rate and beaches off the coast of Italy. Sold. And look at how pretty it is!
  2. Iceland
    A place with "ice" in the title is understandably a hard sell. But I'm intrigued by the hard to pronounce cities and active volcanoes. Just looking to hang out with some sheep and see some northern lights.
  3. Mexico City
    "Mehico de effe," as I came to learn in Spanish class, is one of if not the largest city in Latin America. That combined with the hundreds of museums (Kahlo, Rivera, etc.), this city has piqued my interest. Minus all the drugs and crime, alas.
  4. Andorra
    Yes, this is a country. Technically a principality. It's nestled in the Pyrenees between Spain and France. My knowledge starts and ends there, plus it's filled with rich Europeans who have spent their lives sandwiched by two of the coolest cultures ever. Sign me up.
  5. Jordan
    One of the least hostile countries in the Middle East, Jordan deserves a spot on my list. But with the widespread regional unrest, literally no one will go with me to Amman or Petra. Sad times.
  6. Galapagos
    My interest in The Galapagos started in 9th grade Biology and ended in AP Bio in 11th grade. But it's making a comeback in my mind as a pretty cool place to see. Apparently this awesome Blue Footed Booby isn't enough to sway friends or family to witness the island that inspired Darwin to notice/study evolution. Womp.
  7. Singapore
    This place is more than just the stunt double for future LA in the movie "Her" (if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it!). I have a lot of friends from USC that are from there and it sounds pretty sweet. That and it's illegal to chew gum. If this city is as high maintenance as it sounds then sign me up!
  8. Havana
    Talk about wanting what you can't have but then suddenly everyone else wanting it too and causing rapid globalization but still needing a visa without any direct flights.
  9. Morocco
    One word: tagine. Casablanca and Marrakech are calling my name with the promise of delicious food, beautiful markets, and lots 'o camels. Not the safest place in the world/have relatives who had to flee the nation, so this won't be happening for awhile.
  10. Persepolis
    I'm sure Tehran is super cool—actually I know it is since my parents were born and raised there—but what about a deeper cut, like the ancient capital of Persia? Alas, there's the whole family fleeing after suffering persecution thing.
  11. Seoul
    I probably won't be able to eat anything here (keeping it borderline Kosher) but I'm so intrigued about everything this city has to offer. Except kimchi.