It's not a proper week of life unless documented by moving pictures from the Internet
  1. Arguably the best part of Sunday
  2. And the absolute worst part of Sunday
  3. Waking up on Monday with the help of my animal friends (read: dog)
  4. Arrive at the office already defeated
  5. On Tuesday I try and study since it's my day off but sadly, it's to no avail.
  6. But then I go to evening hot yoga and life is a bit more colorful
  7. Then Ash Wednesday calls for a visit to church
  8. Me yesterday trying to sort a column on excel (two other coworkers I recruited were stumped also so I didn't feel like a total moron)
  9. How I assume I looked in belly dancing class last night (but like probs not)
  10. Me today bc it's Friday and I have a 4 day weekend hollaaaa