if you're human and want to stay healthy.. you should probably move your body
  1. Squat. There is no replacement for squatting. Your hips and butt will thank you.
  2. Hinge/Bend. This can be a bending movement like a deadlift or picking something off the floor with a straight back. Super good for abs and legs.
  3. Push. This can be a push-up or a dumbbell chest press from a bench. Upper body strength is largely neglected. Don't be one of those people.
  4. Pull. You don't have to do a pull-up but that would count. A rowing motion or ability to pull a rope or weight is a good start. Being able to hang from a bar or rope is fantastic too. Don't slack!
  5. Twist. Let's do the twist! Russian twists to windshield wipers, activate the sides of your core with these.
  6. Gait. Walking is important. Make sure you're mindful of how you walk and the muscles you use when you walk and run. Does your butt work? Do your abs come on? Think about it while you do it.