My first list.
  1. Foo Fighters - 20th Anniversary Show at RFK Stadium
    My wife and I celebrated our 20th anniversary by attending this show in D.C. on the 4th of July with our son. All day show - Joan Jett, Gary Clark, Jr., L.L. Cool J, Buddy Guy, Heart, Trouble Funk, Trombone Shorty, & RDGLDGRN. Awesome Day!
  2. Pearl Jam - OKC, 2013
    My favorite band. I've made every show they have put on in OKC. Three Hours of audible bliss.
  3. Coldplay - Dallas, 2012
    I love Coldplay's music, but I didn't realize how great of a live show they put on. Amazing show.
  4. Foo Fighters/Weezer - Dallas, 2005
    The Foozer Show! Hours of greatness.
  5. Pearl Jam - OKC, 2003
    2nd Pearl Jam show on OKC. A great show.
  6. Nine Inch Nails - Norman, 1994
    So much goes on during a NIN show, it must be experienced.
  7. Pearl Jam - OKC, 1993
    My first concert. Cost me $25 for my ticket and $80 for a ticket for this girl I was chasing after. I became a life long PJ fan in this night. And married the girl 2 years later.
  8. Mumford & Sons - Dallas, 2013
    Took my son to his first concert and didn't go well. Band was great, my son got ill and had to leave early.
  9. AC/DC - OKC, 1996
    These guys put on a great, loud show. My ears rang for days.
  10. Weezer - Wichita, 2002
    My first Weezer show. Good times.
  11. Rock Never Stops - OKC, 1999
    Slaughter, Quiet Riot, Night Ranger and Ted Nugent. Fun day, except no "Sister Christian"?!?!
  12. Dave Matthews Band
    This band can stretch out any song. Fun show.
  13. Weezer - Winstar, 2013
    The band played all the hits, interacted with the relatively small crowd. Fun night.
  14. Josh Groban - Dallas, 2007
    Gift to my wife. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the show.
  15. Weezer - Winstar, 2015
    Shortest show I've ever been too. Admittedly, the band was just going through the motions.
  16. Kansas - Ark City, 1998(?)
    New to Kansas (the state) and some coworkers invited us to the show. The band played with the local orchestra. I knew "Dust in the Wind". That was the highlight.